About us

Nuair Polska Sp. z o.o. was established and began its activities in the domestic market ( at the time as Nutool Polska)  in Autumn 2002. Being the younger sister Nutool UK (United Kingdom), in short time has become a resilient company, which is a distributor of a wide range of pneumatic tools, compressors, power tools and machinery, both domestically and abroad.

The beginnings of the UK Nutool reach the 80s, when in England, the company teamed up with international partners (including the Kingfisher group). This enabled the achievement of the mid 90s the status of the largest importer and distributor of power for the craft on the UK market. Also contributed to the implementation of expansionary European policy in 2001-2003 by creating branches in Portugal, France and Poland. Thus a group Nutool, which besides offices in the countries mentioned earlier is also supported by its own office in Shanghai. The last, in 2004 the group joined the group Nutool Asia with its headquarters in Hong Kong, with the task of handling the Australian market, and Filipino.

It was all a lot, but paraller not enough to become one of the biggest players in the world market .
Having targeted to become worldwide company , Nutool met on its way an international group ABAC - one of the biggest manufacturer of compressors . Both groups merged which resulted with great impulse of energy and synergy and opened new business perspectives in Europe and USA.
In 2007 due to structural changes ABAC group changed its name into NUAIR. In 2017  Group changed its name again this time to FNA .
FNA Group is at the present one of the biggest manufacturer of compressors worldwide.  On compressed air market FNA has great achievements in all three segments : industrial, proffesional and DIY.  FNA offers its customers wide range of products starting from small , portable compressors and finishing with heavy duty industrial units , taking constant care of technical details as well as of visual effects and nice design. Therefore FNA products have interesting, unique design having also enhanced reliability and higher efficiency.  All this makes them like the best choice and ideal tool for the most demanding hobbyists and professionals.

Compressors manufacturer in FNA group factories can be met all over a world and well-known brands are:   Revolution Air, Stanley, Black + Decker , Nuair , Ferrua . FNA group motto is : constant development, dynamic and ever-lasting care of quality of offered products plus customer care and tailor made service.

NUAIR POLSKA perfectly suits above motto and as important part of the Group is strong, modern and dynamic developing company, well known on domestic market and visible abroad.
NUAIR Polska offers wide range of power tools for DIY customers , machinery , generators , welders and constant growing range of compressors and air tools .  Due production based on modern technology and active price policy NUAIR Polska offer gives the best  price/quality ratio. Such conducted activity allows to offer sufficient products, which attract great number of users not only with atractive price , but also good quality, wide range of options and efficient after sale service.

NUAIR Polska offers its products under few brands. The best known are : Stanley , Black +Decker , Revolution Air , Nutool, Nupower ,  Rockworth, 
NUAIR Polska supplies also some number of products under its customers private labels ( f.e MacAllister for DIY chain Castorama)

The most important NUAIR Polska targets are:

  • improvements and modernization offered products by constant research of local market
  • identify and meet the most sofisticated customers needs
  • mantain position of trusted key supplier for its all customers
  • still keep working to mantain the best possible quality/price ratio
  • on time and complete delivery
  • efficient after-sale service